Insight DD is a confidential counselling service for adults and provides individuals with the opportunity to share an experience or emotion which may be interfering with their daily life. We recognise people as individuals and therefore their experience will be unique to themselves.

Due to the emotions and the experiences we face on a daily basis there is an extensive range of reasons as to why an individual may wish to attend counselling such as depression, anxiety, stress, abuse, career decisions and bereavement, to name a few. Insight DD strives to promote positive mental health and well being by working with individuals on the issues they are experiencing. We provide a private, non judgemental service where you can explore your own needs with a trained counsellor.

Counselling can help to assist you in gaining an insight into what is concerning you, giving you the opportunity to explore and understand your own needs and develop a way to move forward.


Promoting Positive Mental Health and Well Being

In association with CF Choices Counselling Service